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In the club

10. 11. 2009
All: Let's go Richie: Now we've back again for a funky ride Ain't no stopin' us 'cause we've done it right US5's like Dynamite Don't you know we've got it right? Jay: Keep you pumpin hot for the appetite Move your bodies up for some real delight I like the way you work Put your body close to me Bridge: I wanna rock so girl get up all That you want I can give it I wanna work your body up and down Chorus 2x: Everybody in da club let's Party All my fellas grab a sexy shorty All my girls lookin naughty naughty And we all go oh oh oh Chris: Let me take you to the crib with a Party song All the sexy girls just come along They're just so down with this Got me bumpin' througt the night Izzy: Move your body in the air See the Party people just everywhere Mikel: We like the way they work Their bodies to the beat, oh yeahh Bridge Chorus 2x Middle 8 (all): All my people join the party Come on down and shake your body We've got somethin' for the club So girls Jay: Here we go just one more time Middle 8: Girls go crazy for the disco Boys are freakin' up yo let's go This is how we roll the party Let's go Welcome to the club [Dance Break]Dabei Jay: Here we go that's right Alright let's dance Yeah Can you Can you Can you handle this? Yeah US5 They Work Bridge Chorus 4x


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